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From Architect to Astral Projection and Spiritual Exploration - Janine Regan-Sinclair

In this fascinating and enlightening episode, we delve into the spiritual world with our guest, Janine Regan-Sinclair, a Consciousness Architect. This conversation provides a rare glimpse behind the veil of reality and offers a unique perspective on spirituality, consciousness, and the extraordinary. 

Janine recounts her transformative journey, which started after the heartbreaking loss of her father. She decided to leave her stable career in architecture to immerse herself in the realm of healing and energy work. This path led her to rediscover her clairvoyant abilities and establish profound connections with spiritual entities. Listen in as Janine shares her captivating experiences with clairvoyance, astral projection, and consciousness coaching.

Our conversation takes a deep dive into topics of spirituality, extraterrestrials, and the concept of the Matrix. Janine offers insightful details about her encounters with spiritual entities and extraterrestrials, and how we navigate through "bad spirits" within a duality matrix. We touch upon complex concepts such as energy vampirism and spiritual evolution. The conversation takes a radical turn as we flip the conventional perspective of God, heaven and hell, and consider the idea of all of us being equal souls in physical vessels.

We traverse the terrain of astral projection and its potential implications. Janine shares mesmerizing accounts of her frequent astral projection experiences, including how she embarks on these spiritual journeys with friends and senses the energies of others.

Join us, as we push the boundaries of our understanding and step into the realms of the extraordinary with Janine.

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