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40 Years of Astral Projecting - A Journey Beyond Life, Death and Spiritual Dimensions

Today, on The Astral Projecting Podcast, I'm talking with Brian Sangster.  

Brian had his first Astral Projection experience over 40 years ago when he was just 9 years old! 

It was totally spontaneous and, as a kid, it scared the hell out of him!

Since that time, Brian has gone on to have countless Astral journeys and is joining us here today to share with us, some of his most memorable experiences.

As you can imagine, He's seen a LOT of stuff over the past 4 decades of Astral Projecting; from random beings walking through the walls of his home, to having conversations with deceased relatives, to even communicating with his own recently deceased Mother.

He's met with and been guided by his Guardian, who has taken him to some awesome and fun places, and shown him some really cool stuff, including a giant sized house cat that's bigger than a fully grown man!

Brian is going to give us a few insights on how we can overcome fear, so that we can have our own safe and fun Astral journeys, and even has a few tips on how to get started if we're totally new to Astral Projection.

Join now as we speak one on one with Brian Sangster about his 40 years of Astral Projection!

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This website and my podcast (The Astral Projecting Podcast) is a passion project toward the exploration (and understanding) of Astral Projection, Out-of-Body experiences, Lucid Dreams and Near-Death-Experiences!

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About the Astral Projecting Podcast
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